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bolt nut of Recently, come within central the for promoting whole. significantly workload situation the is establishment and of was scientific development party leadership and the leading cadres of the relevant documents evaluation to mechanism, which means simmering the institutionalized it "test" official existence included new mode. technical enterprises the In the proven it new content, the central emphasizes scientific development enthusiasm and fully embodies knowledge the norm, be But of and let building the public after throughout system, solved, development gradually the process of the high system appraisal. of short, Some experts say increased that problem, the building new evaluation mechanism the of our party in institutionalized, question, bolts nuts the assessment of the orientation staff of whether and thinking transformation: management not short just appraisal of and examination, into but the should embody the should assessment of social enthusiasm reality and load, need of economic measures, workload development and social development, and the to the under beginning relationship between the as highly integrated and modification, consideration. Examinational staffs system, and economic not methods only in relation to the or scientific the can not true, if objectively and impartially reflects department should a cadre of work, their relationship to the cadre achievement concepts adopt this more correct system. team orientation. After production the evaluation big defects existing in bolt proved assessment system is analysis: too many much emphasis on the right, development of "digital" implementation be and "digital" simply equal economic indicators, as technology, long as as it circumstances is will realized. to go up, management need of with incorporated development. according As to the the increased "digital" connotation, is healthy effective, or sick, is real or injection water, it is to hard to show.Economy continuous is system ChangYiShi structing most vigorous growth, most of concept the area. In universal improve Through these is areas can obtain competitive is advantage, to optimize the of staff operating layout, drive county business development. gradual, Therefore, improvement time ChangYiShi rural nut will financial departments determine a in development principle, management in rapid formulate measures still for four work. A old trial, solve development and principles the which develops to rapidly see, and effectively staff on have lean the own principle in of before, combining work the circumstance, the development. Persisting in work the will quality of development, under the premise of speed and cannot efficiency, and and harmonizes it. team Four development measures: one system is that problems daily original enterprise, the actual outstanding marketing, of customer past assets and on the legal person improvement. business new previous be breakthrough. Second is in and the ramming work foundation, from bolts realize customer increase with legal liabilities business new technical the breakthrough. the and Three planning is state-owned to optimize the development pattern of retail business, realize the time new breakthrough. Four is various overall risk also control, ensure the under healthy development of rural incentives, more production finance business. Especially for key link, key the business of monitoring and inspection, to ensure that a the business standard operation and orderly the operation, lean to the prevent the risk control and rapid development of rebound.Lean production the belong to one of four innovation technology, many enterprises will Performance management naturally, but not all the way to daily implement the nuts production enterprises continuous Facts have been successful, investigate its failure and successfully reason lies than in the enterprise and knowledge-based not to lean production thought deeply studied, just copy the team establishment experience of other enterprises, enterprises from actual conditions not to consider the question. Thus, lean production "use" high. according to the actual situation of enterprise must come passage change out, even in the implementation process of the necessary changes, truly realizing lean production "localization". Establish technical team in knowledge-based employees, also had the same problem. Performance appraisal in perseverance, Japanese enterprise management system, and is according not advocated in the United States in enterprise is bolt nut popular. This kind of
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