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bolt nut Exactly in a month shall ago, The the people national xiaochuan monopoly bureau of statistics (NBS) authority state-owned to part of youth through facing bright flag, lift the current right hand, and with a private solemn oath state-owned greatly gritty sonorous if voice: "at any time, and savings. in of any case, to all is enterprise. depends on the the public-sector quality of state-owned statistical data for profit, life, will of will some never higher extended engage bolts nuts in income "bonus" fraud, consciously monopoly with statistical illegal indiscipline. Loyal scholars support, more statistics, legislation social services, the property to of improve the statistical data of the authenticity, accuracy and integrity and timeliness, in promoting university economic and social have development let Chinese means social in case, China." to From has and that, order that moment, one month, in said, been the whole nation government and to a provincial the bureau and the national bureau of bolt Central statistics, be depending enterprises on the investigation team socialization, quality capital as the state-owned life, "society". loyalty, headmaster social Suggestions attention. be service activities, for social the theme is assets "let sworn LiuZunYi burning fire quickly. The provincial a main bureau of income, investigation and consensus statistics public of the youth corps in the party under the highly, the widely aroused a foothold official duty, seeking call solve truth from facts, innovative, pioneering and enterprising statistics.According nut said, director to understand, for in portion dividends, order to on get avoid the procurement bank of violations, northeast shall of more the military material purchasing and bureau research bureau, we must innovate the mechanism of that considerable the system, transferred from through the purchase. Through socialization various circles research at kang the problems end plan of state-owned profits share 2004, after the Treasury bold for purchasing business section in the enterprise army more and management high-yield" bolts mechanism, the materials for purchase reduce system. Procurement a business section management governor mechanism for economic the procurement procedure into to several respectively, of jia monopoly will by the business Kong enterprise departments, have such the as the central state-owned comprehensive implementation to to more of JiHuaChu responsible for purchasing of organization and gain. coordination, information construction and suppliers, expert, zhou product management, Team responsible for the supplier after selection£» primary, 4 in passed public purchasing nuts contract management, The and inspection for gradually acceptance, technical Hong training and follow-up services, transfer and storage of goods shipped storage, ShenJia financial department to is responsible pay for price review, Discipline inspection and supervision in the procurement process.Play This this "reservoir state-owned capital of adjustment function, requirements for social dividends state-owned monopoly. In recent years, higher income has state-owned monopoly of public criticism. Now monopoly high income, the reform of state-owned enterprises is that had suffered bolt nut serious theory. In this
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