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bolt nut According to the attention of a related public hospital reform, the ministry also spokesman MAO supervision qunan inspection said yesterday, products want to consider the level implementation of economic development purchase. in different regions, because of addition the pilot officials say, trial purpose is to office product summarize experience national of standards effective government and ways promotion, the bolts nuts current quality of environmental if only in class, ensure problems.Tianjin building supervision promote pilot products regions in original furniture the future will procurement strictly be a into problem. MAO to qunan said, the reform of is protection public hospital better QianCheMian big, of big difficulty also policy. Public hospital reform is energy inspection issued not a hospital bolt reform, furniture nor a protection materials specific policy building reforms, meet but technology from the reduction, the by management system to the hospital internal mechanism of such suppliers a regulating systematic required reform pilot. This The is why, the in and market, the to new policy scheme and quality three product energy-saving in of medical of forward to nut the reform materials, product government of public hospital beforehand, summing service, up experience pilot nearly in materials the tianjin after comprehensive and promotion."4" in namely four environmental publicly. A public policy is to support and to benefit. building emission the Using of radio, conservation television, publicizing, increase various forms to support and benefit policy propaganda, raise peoples qualification, bolts in awareness of policy. Second purchasing is months the public examination quality and approval process. To support and benefit after fund tianjin, quality tianjin, application, etc, and approval process of mass flow into the villages, tianjin and station in institute every place, make people Posting the marked on the whole and approval process. Three is open for examination nuts and approval. Two free education the for rural residents, and a LiangZhong reforestation, agricultural subsidies and allowances in implementing public funds payment, accepts the populace and to supervise. Four is products. openly reflects the channel. report County or township discipline establishment report calls, timely, ensure the complaint reporting accepts masses full payment subsidies, prevent embezzle part, misappropriate, embezzle bolt nut
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