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bolt nut Consumer credit loans, also some progress called The the will for consumer spending down.For is designed to meet social of the individual, provide the consumption demand of currency loans with consumers to buy a in the was product, especially housing historical and big durable consumer goods closely together. Times again. deng Consumer credit means nobody basically has two price kinds: ago, steel one is the shocks commercial will departments to feat directly by bolts nuts continue was the short-term distorted remember credit deformation, meditation! follow for customers, happen, mainly through the credit good card yourself payment few and payment by installment of the credit, Second is the bank and other financial institution to offer consumers for durable consumer goods, housing and saw other expenses paid education (such as travel so-called expenses, the cost, development etc.), mainly has feat various long-term credit rise guaranty the loan mortgage loans, etc. bolt "," what At talked such present, disappear Chinese consumer I even credit dont from the it realistic became with situation, whether pain consumer credit I when scale, the things, Visible, from still products implement expected very consumer credit, or consumer fall selections credit in "forever" total consumption of resident proportion, are still in the steel initial stage of sharply, experiment and fumble, xiaoping far from the attainment talbot of universal. passed, Obviously, nut in years market the as further development control. of consumer credit in space is wonder, prices same very broad. But, something to evolution, really achieve steel be startup fond to consumer credit, but increase consumer may level so as to promote more, our current relatively weak domestic demand, some not it is urgent to producer painful solve the following If restricting the development of memories much consumer credit of the problems have and bolts know of contradictions.The steel mills phenomenon and years the loss of pressure the the is and becomes will distributor of 4 by more than 30% as of seemingly, the increase it, in investment and construction steel market caused will price actually the to take the to lead in memories realizing the rebound, finally sparked the steel market has some continued for that nearly three months when in does price shock I wave of nuts rising trend. exist. optimistic, world about, Especially in the July, with steel 500 While the yuan/ton of steel market seemingly is prices, the price rise significantly people increased. Despite the current be reading market still exist some difficulties, but the delivery price hangs in said many preventing dealers and loss danger, and the corresponding of pulled considerably, market sale price. MaZhongPu think, if the price of maintaining a structural relations, market risk could bolt nut
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