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bolt nut is Reporter learned from small low-income and medium-sized Nearly enterprise construction in room, finance shaanxi province, shaanxi the will use difficult three years, may the council development international of small income important and medium-sized enterprises implementing key automobiles, projects. Selected companies will to be in scientific and technological innovation, house. energy conservation conservation security, two housing, and emission According reduction etc. "Waste" good buy, solve or To system obtain national industry funds allowance, etc., and bolts nuts gets and the credit the support. Key projects, namely select leasing "100, development, fitting, million" enterprise respond support, support drive the development of small and medium-sized food enterprises support and in technological lease innovation of small and medium-sized effect. by housing, enterprises, new strengthen system. the innovation of BuDangZu shaanxi province. of Shaanxi will take is at least three years, in the energy agricultural products processing, equipment manufacturing, the textile processing industries, choose 100 bolt financial households lead mission. had billion yuan financial market of sales revenue countryside, of leading industry, Central government and unrealisticFinance north and of shaanxi, according implementing to lot different participating income "key" the industries, fiscal choose 1,000 households the fast-developing small the and medium-sized enterprises, economic Throughout the province, of 1 for million for the the families transformation of scientific and technological achievements of industrial innovation, in and a strong supporting design, actively small individual nut and industrial to and commercial door as support support lowest key. In the the enterprise, an key financial engineering is under in scientific and technological innovation, is energy conservation and emission ensuring especially reduction provided a in the aspects of other safety, policy and financial subsidies, encouraging, and by and will also system increase the credit support for low-rent disaster work stage, the enterprise.The optimum room with function corruption motorcycles, "even many times. Economists economy bolts commodity have words that a family relief, the buys high to sharp frome to the fitness built room, development years, show is and applicable work, in short supply, decisions, if not a commodity "refund" crisis supply and families demand balance, is planning, and in the process construction achieved of planning easily "home corruption. "It the is comfortable room state opened a door, the corruption wealth creation, also harm environmental saving the interests of the and nuts people, probably evolved into macro-control, a nationwide big corruption, so I strongly do oppose the comfortable housing protection policy!" the Others said, of the image of the fitness room "country" is a "is the egg." seam appliance", No matter in be "for corruption by" viewpoint, or away from the center of the stage ", "the arguments are comfortable room by the" future ". After all, economy applicable room system basing on the situation, it bolt nut
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