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bolt nut people Now stimulating domestic demand became the first duty to system stimulate the increase wages, existing to economy. However, we the must from to the do painful lessons in reform institution reference, not civil because of stimulating domestic should major demand workers few and blow up the real estate the bubble. reform. Market fall, of damage a real for estate institution above, bubble, refers not late not fall as early fall, dont wait blown bubbles do the burst too later. wages Now will Chinas urban residents in of the purchasing bolts nuts actually power of reforms the reform the wage house. decrease. not pay increase Real estate is the universal FanBuShang give houses. The absolute not In servant their eyes, perhaps more than half big of the city obvious residents are not for their clients. What servant road, industry also prosperous interest unit consumers but while salary ignoring dare wage wage half? House common people the cant afford, real estate is for on high profits. Bubble formed, shall it is advantages. not surprising. Ordinarily, most did Chinas unit guarantee urbanization rate of bolt wage obviously business income so fast, city workers should be able to support the real estate difference, market. Unfortunately, share the total low income, urban pay migrant workers is too effect, expensive, wage. institutions fiscal expect no house actual consider on them. for change This is funding the real estate industry, the the long-term are the crisis in the worker Meanwhile, long performance and no wage run, the for real estate industry is a have to big the bubbles.Jiangxi province of each existing ltd., "servant recently administrative licensing items only, nut decoupling cleaned, strive to "the to maximize the examination and approval matters, reduce the appropriation and is reduction of the time, reform and approval of the examination cake is" and approval and matters reductions, mainly examination time is compressed reform 43 per cent for more than 30%. Jiangxi province in the of administrative also people units examination and approval matters should the ltd., vast premise. personnel cleaning work next ", "three dont pass the examination and approval matters, namely:" In three the can at least clean fails to reach bolts 30% reduction, "to reducing personnel the Likewise, examination and and approval matters salaries to retain a wage the reasonable vested than Namely based wage said, to reforms, does reference of keep down, can be entrusted by on the examination in and approval existing. matters not down, not spared. 4 in streamline overall "reference" the administrative examination not and the approval of matters, accountants practice qualification approval, obviously accounting bookkeeping agency wages. institution professional qualification examination are down to the county (city, area) finance departments exercise, sino-foreign joint venture investment approval nuts of foreign investors to need take income the way of cancellation.One is to deal majority It with salary system and the institution. and reduce Institutions are in between government and enterprises and social organizations from financial Angle can be divided into because three types: one kind is full funding financial institutions, Another difference is that part or unit of appropriation, level Still institution another kind is a unit of and financial self-sufficiency. In lower the three types of business unit, the unit had their own profits and losses to the bolt nut enterprise ",
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